The Brief

To design and develop a new headquarters office and factory in Huddersfield, which involved finding a new site.

Our Approach

Already a successful business, our client was looking for a new site for their head office and factory – a site that was easily accessible to existing and potential clients, employees and suppliers alike, and a head office and factory that reflected ‘global brand implementers’ appealing to their client base of international design consultants.

We were already aware of an available site through a previous project, which on introduction to Principle Global ticked all our client’s requirements. On securing the site, we worked on the design and development of their new premises, designed in four phases. Further to this we acquired an adjacent piece of land on behalf of our client, for a new head office building.

Designs were based on a standard portal frame shed so that flexibility and adaptability could be achieved, providing our client with the option of converting office area in to factory area, if the business demand required this.

The Result

An impressive head office and factory, which facilitates and meets our client’s business requirements.

We have developed an ongoing business relationship with Principle over the years, with repeat commissions for various projects, for what has become a leading international implementation market force.